An Unexpected Key West Wedding Venue

With so many options for your Key West Wedding venue, it will be hard choosing one. Why not make it an unforgettable time by hosting your day on the Argo Navis. Take your guest’s away from the crowds by having your Key West wedding on a luxury catamaran. Your private sailing charter will include a fully crewed boat with a customizable itinerary. We can help you arrange catering with an assortment of food & drink to fit any pallet. See more about how we can make the most of your day in the video below.


An exceptionally large catamaran, 75? in length, 36? beam (width), with an unusual open floor plan inside. You’ll find plenty of room to arrange seating for a wedding ceremony and reception, as well as ample room to stand and mingle. It’ll be the ideal setting to show off your gorgeous Winnie Couture wedding dress; see here to learn more about them – The Argo Navis also features a large outdoor area, both on the aft deck and foredeck, as well as on top of the boat for both seating and standing, with a view like no other venue. Imagine dancing in the sunset after a beautiful ceremony with luxury catering.

Come Sail As You Are

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