Donor Appreciation

We wouldn’t be here without you!

It is people like you, who care about form and function, craft and legacy, that inspire us to continue to show up and work hard for the preservation of this unique piece of American history. We would like to thank you, the following donors, as well as our amazing volunteers, and contributing businesses, for joining us on this adventure in cultural and maritime preservation. Haven’t given to help support the Hindu yet? Donat Now!


Wes Demarest Jr., Avery Myers, Laura Ludwig, Chrisso Rheault, Wesley Osterhout, Morgan, Natalie Serrie, Jeff Serrie, Jocelyn Serrie, Lisa Goodwin

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Barbara Kemp, Brooke Longval, Carmen Cavallo, Charles Vasquez, Christins Tarvers, Dorothy Quigley, Elliot Baron, Erin Desmond, Evelina Henning, Geoffrey Greenstein, Jade Couterier, Jeffrey Schaffer, John Bacon, Joseph Schallner, Kerry Maxwell, Laura Rood, Laura Ludwig, Laura Fawcett, Lucy Munson, Marie Lynah, Marjorie Bullock, Megan Zottoli, Oriana Conklin, Owen Nichols, Rebecca Orchant, Regis Roy, Sheri Galyean, Ship Densmore, Susan Baker, Wayne van Halem, Kenneth Sutton, Joe Scillieri, John P Peak, George Lynde, Dan Spinello, Carissa Sherwood, Deb Giza, J Najamy, James Lima, Marilyn Cook, Matthew Dale, Nella Rasic, Richard Chiriboga, Roger Secours, Anonymous, Anonymous, Daryl Otte, Cora Roelofs, Isis Graham, Timothy Medlock, Michael LaMontagne, Suzy Collette, Nancy Jorgensen, Avery Liberman, David Ketterling, Jeanne Dugan, Karen L Gustafson, Sally Gunning, Stephanie and David McCaw, Katey Kintzer, Marlene Sharak, Miriam Falkowski, William Toll, Suzanne Sullivan, Albert Rook, Scott J Stalker, Robin Higgins, Michael Dawson, Jocelyn Finn, Annette Hartzell, Shauna Hinchen-Joyal, Christine Gallagher, Thomas Rodriguez, Robert Haman, Laurie Kutoroff, Shaun Tilford, Andrew Grein, Anonymous, Anonymous, Rebecca King, Robert Liptrot, Robert Littlefield, Susan Stahl, Ernie Rogers, Rita Landis, Carole Harmon, Joanne Bleiler, Calvin Walsh, Marion Starks, Susan S Gustafson, Margaret Dunn, Michelle Li, Emily Sachs, Dave Malchman, Leanne Spedding, Albert Rook, Maryanne Heilig, Nancy West, Jane Larsen, Robert Faulkner, Kathleen Reynolds, Pat Ormberg, Joan Glass, Anonymous, Glenn A Sikes Jr, Thomas Bradley, Glenna Descy, Leslie Shields, Alan Floyd, Jeffrey Dick, David Nutt, Glenna Descy, Albert Rook, William Blencowe, Mark Bly, Cara Canella, Rick Sanchez

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Rhea Cicale, Jeff Behrens, Lynne Ingram, Nancy Kete, Andus Baker, Anonymous, Judy O’Toole, Timothy Corbett, Matthew Duval, Jacqueline Lalonde, Vanessa Rose, David Mullen, Susan Mikula, James Faile, Stephen Katsurinis, David Ditacchio, John Winall, Peter Barnes, Debra Morgan, Elizabeth Davies, Michael Rossiter, Patrick Walsh, Gordon Grove, Ramon Rodriguez, David Chiriboga, Sharlene Silva, Carl Ericson, Robert Curran, Lucky Navero, Anne Beaumont, Edward Malloy Jr, Lisa Quevedo, Anita McGahan, Anderson Lankford, Lisa McHam, Deborah Sherman, David Prophitt, Jerry Steffy, Ted Rogers, Ross Levi, Robert Smith, Wiliam Scott, Chris Lippincott, Terry Bolin, One Tack, Susan Dexter, Sean Rucker, Abigail Tiller Cutter, Marianne Hinkle, Shelley Vandegrift, Carrie Paige, Sheila Smith, Douglas Cliggott, Frank Krumrie, Michael Miller, Roger McDaniels, Mary O McDevitt, William Streep, Michelle Borodinsky, Daniel Miller, Lisa Goodwin, Elizabeth Bennett, Jack Henderson, Greg Blair, Everett Smith, Keith Plummer, Joseph Werner, George Lynde, Anonymous, Bill Dragan, Albert Rook

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Monica Haskell and Bill Rowan, Michael Bombara, Jill Myers, Malcolm Macdonald, Anonymous, Michela Murphy, James Askew, Dabney Turley, Mark Hurley, Provincetown Brewing Co, Agneta Breitenstein, Anonymous, Linda Zonana, Kenneth Ross, Dan Richter, Elan Sprouse, Harold Smith, Paula Ellison, Robert Goodrich, Marsha Tinker, Ruth M Feldman, Harold Smith, Jack Schmid, Ross Rodrigues, Marianne Hinkle, Chrisso Rheault, Gregory Blass

  • See your name here! Get 10% off your next sail with us, and a custom Schooner Hindu Chequessett Chocolate Bar. $151-$500


Keith MacDonald, Tim Rothman, Philip L Lavoie, Bill Casey, Paul Slesinger, Erik Lohse, Susan and Mary-Jo Avellar, Jonathan Cole, Anonymous

  • See your name here! Get 10% off your next sail with us, and a custom Schooner Hindu Chequessett Chocolate Bar plus other special treats. $501-$4,999


Jack Hornor, Mike Winkler, Katherine Winkler, Glen McCormick, Julie McCormick

  • Donate $5,000 and convince a friend to do the same to join us as an Officer. See your name here! Join the Hindu’s only members only club. Yearly benefits and lifetime accolades

Contributing Businesses

We get by with a little help from our friends…


Visit Sal's Place on the web
Sal’s Place has donated an all inclusive dinner for 4, as well as catering service for the first Hindu Officer’s club sail aboard the Hindu.

Visit Art Henry Crane Services
Art Henry Crane Services donated their crane, skills and time to help erect the Hindu’s winter shelter in Thomaston, ME.

Chequessett Chocolate has created a special buttered rum bar to support our campaign.

Visit Winkler Crane and Construction
Winkler Crane and Construction donated their cranes, time and skills lifting the Hindu to check for damages after our July 2020 accident.

Visit Mom's Printshop
Mom’s Print Shop donated a batch of t-shirts to help support the rebuild.

Visit Mooncussers Tattoo Shop
Mooncusser Tattoo Shop and Arts (Andrea X Tasha) is creating an original design for our campaign.