The Schooner Hindu will not be sailing in Provincetown during the 2020 season.

Instead we will embark on a major renovation project that we have been looking forward to accomplishing for years. We will miss sailing with you this season, but will be delighted to resume sailing in Provincetown in June 2021, with a beautifully refreshed vessel nearing her hundredth birthday.

In the meantime, we are requesting your support!

We have launched a GoFundMe for this project. We encourage you to check it out and support this project if you can! Promise to the Schooner Hindu

Due to the enormity of our project, our fundraising efforts will be active through the year; we are looking forward to connecting in fun and collaborative ways to work towards meeting our goal. 


Provincetown crew member, Art’s Dune Tour Driver, bar tender extraordinaire, and reporter for the Provincetown Independent, Paul Benson met up with us on our brief visit to Provincetown this summer to hear about our freak accident in the Long Island Sound. We were also able to have some drinks he made for us at the Red Inn, one of our favorite Provincetown haunts that we usually don’t have time to get to until the end of September. Oh covid.

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