Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before you book a sailing trip.

  • Passengers should take a flexible approach to sailing. Plans may change because of weather or for a variety of other reasons. For our cancellation and refund policy, click here.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. That being said, we will try the best we can to make sure all Web site information and advertising materials are continually updated with current pricing.
  • Children younger than five years old are not permitted to sail. All children must be supervised by an adult and are subject to follow the captain’s orders if they interfere with crew operations or pose a danger to themselves or others. Well-behaved children may be invited by the captain or crew to participate in activities such as hoisting sails or taking a turn at the helm. Any passenger has the right to refuse such an invitation. Any passenger who accepts, however, assumes responsibility for any risk the task may involve.
  • Any medical condition you have must be managed by you yourself and you should not rely on there being sophisticated medical capability during a sail. You must bring you own medication with adequate supply beyond your expected time on the ship. Notify the captain of any serious medical conditions before the ship departs.
  • Passengers who are severely physically disabled; have learning disabilities; and/or need personal care are required to bring an able-bodied friend (buddy) with them. That buddy should have experience helping with their particular needs.
  • You are not permitted to bring aboard, and you agree you will not bring on board, any goods or articles of an inflammable or dangerous nature, weapons, controlled or prohibited substances, illicit drugs, or any living creatures or plants.
  • All travel involves risk and by buying a ticket you acknowledge and accept that tall ship sailing carries an element of personal risk. We strive to minimize risks wherever possible by implementing stringent safety measures and procedures.
  • Full payment is required at the time of booking.
  • You agree Hindu Charters LLC will not be liable for any loss or damage to your personal property.
  • You agree you will not hold the captain nor crew legally responsible for any accident or misadventure that may occur during or as a result of the sail.
  • Personal information is collected by us when you request information from us, contact us, or when we contact you, or when you make or update a booking with us. We promise to protect and not share that information.
  • By joining on the sail you consent to Hindu Charters LLC using images of you taken during your sail in any medium we choose, royalty-free. Images may be used for advertising, publicity and promotional purposes. Should you provide Hindu Charters LLC with copies of images that you have created yourself, you grant Hindu Charters permission to use them for the same purposes.
  • If you supply your email address, you agree we may from time to time contact you by post or email with information on goods and services, brochures, forthcoming events, competitions or for fundraising purposes. To remove yourself from the mailing list, please send a request to hinducharters@gmail.com.